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You will take the 6 parts in order because they make the most sense that way. So you’ll start with Part 1, and download the Part 1 handouts. Then move on to Part 2, and then Part 3, etc. You can go back to a Part you have already opened, but no fair jumping ahead!

It is strongly recommended that you view The Original Food Fix on a computer screen or tablet as opposed to a smaller phone screen.
You have 2 months to complete Parts 1 through 6. You are buying online access to The Original Food Fix – its 6 slideshows and 12 handouts – for 2 months. Each Part comes with 2 handouts you can download, print out, and keep forever. Some of the handouts, for example, have recipes you’ll want to use in your kitchen. Some of the handouts have a handy list or motivational incentive you’ll want to post on your refrigerator. The slide shows are not downloadable.

When you complete Part 6, you can take the Fun Quiz. It’s optional, but we think you’ll like the challenge. When you complete the Fun Quiz, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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