WOW, you have done the impossible! You researched, organized, depicted, explained, and extrapolated in such a professional and intelligible manner that the final program is absolutely astounding. This program should be taken by every single inhabitant of our planet who wants to learn the truth about how to improve their health and the health of their family. I am honored to have had the opportunity to help you in this venture and I hope that thousands, or better yet even millions will benefit from your easy-to-understand “picture book” chock full of wisdom.

David Getoff, CCN CTN, FAAIM, BCIM

Fascinating. It is always interesting and baffling at the same time to hear that big companies know that their products are making people fat, sick, unhealthy. The bottom line is, we must take responsibility for what we put in our own mouths. And that’s where your lessons come in. Easy to read. Easy to comprehend. Kept my attention. I appreciated the summary of each lesson at the end.

Pam H

This makes so much sense. I have been wanting to work on my health for several years and this is what I’ve needed. It all makes so much sense now why people are sick and unhealthy. The Flexner Report was interesting, by the way. And you’re right it is not about doing a diet. I don’t even want to hear the word “diet.” It’s a lifestyle change. I cleaned out the pantry and threw out a bunch of stuff. I’m going to do one of the recipes tonight.

Jennifer S

I LOVED this! There is so much I didn’t know. It literally blew me away. The part on sugar – I was spellbound. I am implementing a lot of it already. It can change my whole life. Thank you so much!

Annie B


Your mentoring includes recipes, meal plans, and info for navigating the grocery store and restaurants. You CAN take control and eat for life and never “diet” again. Your transformation is waiting for you

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